About Muck Rack

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Here’s how Muck Rack does it

PR Pros can:

  • Effectively pitch story ideas to the right journalists
  • Monitor what’s being said about their company, client or competitors in real-time
  • Receive alerts when there are new PR opportunities or crises
  • Track how successful their campaigns have been and generate reports to share with colleagues and clients

Journalists can:

  • Build their portfolio
  • Get verified in Muck Rack’s authoritative directory
  • Track the impact of their work
  • Keep up with news about their colleagues
  • Find career opportunities


woman standing next to pink wall while scratching her head

John Doe

CEO, Co-Founder

Frank Semual

CTO, Co-Founder
man wearing blue white stripe shirt leaning on the wall

Jack Henry

woman in grey shirt standing near tree during daytime

Ryan Civil

Chief Financial Officer
woman in blue denim jeans sitting on brown sand during daytime

Sean Allan

VP of Product Strategy
woman looking sideways leaning on white wall

Richard Gray

VP of Marketing

Sam Hudson

Editorial Director
man wearing eyeglasses

Oliver Gray

Senior Director
shallow focus photography of woman outdoor during day

Vany Dyer

Customer Supporter
man wearing green polo shirt

Keith Gray

Account Manager
man crossing both arms

Richard Davidson

VP, People Operations

Kelly Alcala

Sales manager
woman standing while holding her hair

Rose Carr

Senior Account Executive
men's blue and white button-up collared top

Richard Lee

Lead Front-End Engineer
man wearing red long-sleeved shirt standing beside wall

Ann Grayon


Henry Dennewitz

VP of Engineering
man wears black t-shirt and black headphones while sitting down

Henry Allan

Sales Manager
woman with eyeglasses and red dress

Angelia Golden

Account Coordinator

Kristen Hatton

SDR Manager
man in gray button up shirt

Jordan Faus

Senior Software Engineer

Kristen Jacobson

Associate Editor

Uma Maheswari

Senior Manager
woman wearing black knitted cap

Emily Hatton

Senior Account Manager
man holding a smartphone near the window

Ludovico Sutto

Account Manager
man wearing hat and grey shirt biting red candy on a stick

Jarry Torff


Oliver Gray

Senior Director

Kristen Hatton

SDR Manager
man sitting at the piano

Mak Hatton

SDR Manager
man in blue hooded jacket sitting on grasses

Krish Carr

Account Executive
woman standing beside lant

Tara Clarkson

Associate Editor


Lorem is headquartered in Florida, FL. The Florida home to Lorem’s founders and the sales, marketing, product, editorial and customer success teams.


12529 State Road 535
Florida, FL 32836

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